river riders

About Us

River Riders of Central MN is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that enjoy meeting like-minded people who relish the thrill of riding the open road and feeling the exhilaration of wind in your face while riding with a group of riders who appreciate the same experience. We are a social group where participants are welcomed to join both short and long planned rides.

River Riders branded merchandise is available at most scheduled rides. Track down anyone wearing a River Riders shirt and they will point you in the right direction. Work shirts shown on Facebook pictures and on the Gallery page are $40. These shirts come in men’s sizes S-XXL.  More items added soon as our inventories are established.

Proceeds from the sale of merchandise goes to cover expenses and maintenance of our website and advertising.  Rivers Riders is not incorporated or a licensed organization or club. All donations of time and money from its rider list are completely voluntary. Taking part in any advertised River Rider of Central MN ride does not require a fee or donation of any type, the only cost to the riders is their personal cost of gas, food and lodging which is each riders own expense responsibility.


DISCLOSURES: River Riders of Central MN is NOT a motorcycle club. We have NO affiliations with any motorcycle clubs, rider groups or associations.  We are an inclusive group that welcomes participation with this and any other riding group. There are no restrictions or discrimination based on race, sex, religion or political association.