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River Riders of Central MN is a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that enjoy meeting like-minded people who relish the thrill of riding the open road and feeling the exhilaration of wind in your face while riding with a group of riders who appreciate the same experience. We are a social group where participants are welcomed to join both short and long planned rides.

DISCLOSURES: River Riders of Central MN is NOT a motorcycle club. We have NO affiliations with any motorcycle club, riders group or association. We are an inclusive group that welcomes participation with this and any other riding group. There are no restrictions or discrimination based on race, sex, religion or political association.

Website Ad Contract:

River Riders of Central MN Website is used to notify our members of Daily, Weekly and Monthly rides to all members and visitors to our site. Our Facebook page encourages members to check our website regularly. Many local riders and motorcycle enthusiasts visit this page regularly. River Riders does not charge dues or membership fees, we want to encourage safe, friendly rides among our membership.   Advertising on our site helps you reach hundreds of potential, local customers who will support the businesses who support us! We utilize all advertising fees to cover our website and other promotional item costs. All advertising fees are used ONLY to cover costs and allow us to continue to encourage this pastime safely among our expanding membership as well as support participation in local Charity Rides.


Web:                  www.riverridersmn.com

Email:                riverridersmn@gmail.com


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River Riders of Central MN

PO Box 31

Sartell, MN 56377

If you have any questions please email riverridersmn@gmail.com.


Thank you for your support of our local riding group.